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Dean Evenson’s ’58 Buick

Dean Evenson's '58 Buick

This week we have Dean Evenson’s ’58 Buick as our feature ride. After buying a shirt from us and supporting us all the way over in New Zealand featuring his gorgeous ride is the least we could do….little did we know he had one of our favorite year Buick’s.
The Story on the ’58: I had […]

Matt Williams ’61 GMC

Matt Williams '61 GMC

This week we have Matt Williams 1961 GMC truck as our feature ride. One of my favorite years, the truck has a great stance and looks like a fun driver.
Story on the truck: Left on a Friday night in August on a road trip from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to Garden City, Kansas¬†¬†that a Garmin said would […]



This week we have Scott Hawley’s 57 Black Widow as our feature ride of the week. This old race car has a great story behind it.
Here is the SHORT story of the SEDCO BLACK & WHITE/ BLACK WIDOW that my Father Fred Hawley and I own. We are in the process currently of building a […]

Mad Bomberz ’53 Belair

Mad Bomberz '53 Belair

This week we have another awesome ’53 Chevy from the Mad Bomberz. We love the flaked roof, supremes & pinstriping! Great ride Jimmy!
Bio: My name is Jimmy. I am Co-President of the Mad Bomberz Car Club along with my brother P.J. My car is a 1953 Chevy Belair 2 door Hard top. It has […]

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