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Happy 50th Birthday Mr. Ness

Happy 50th Birthday Mr. Ness

Today April 3 we would like to Celebrate the birthday of the legendary Mike Ness!
Mike Ness was born in 1962 in Lynn, Massachusetts. His family relocated to Orange County, California later that year and he grew up roaming the streets of Fullerton. As a boy his heroes where not athletes or presidents; they were gangsters […]

Max Grundys 50 Merc “Lonely Boy”

Max Grundys 50 Merc "Lonely Boy"

You know him for his awesome artwork and now your going to know him for his bad ass 50 Merc! His ride is a long awaited dream of his and worth every minute of it. This car is done right from the paint and wheels right down to the metal work.
About the Merc “Lonely Boy”

I […]

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