Charlie’s Cherry 53

This is our new category ride of the week. Send us photos of your ride and a little info or story about your ride and we will post it!

This week we have Charlie Eshenbaugh’s Sweet 53 Chevy as our ride of the week. He’s a body man car nut like me and he has always wanted a 53 chevy. I can relate ūüėČ

Some history about Charlie and his ride: I have been a car guy all of my life, I grew up around the 60’s and 70’s when the 40’s and 50’s cars were popular. I am a body man. I always had a old Car/Truck or Van of some kind, (usually¬†3-5 at a time) GM’s, Fords, Mopars, VW’s even a 72 Datsun pickup at one time. But I have always wanted a 53 Chevy. In April of 2009 one Friday morning at breakfast my friend told me about one he had seen sitting in a¬†garage¬†he had gone to. He had went along with a¬†friend¬†to check out some Ford parts the man had for sale.¬†He asked if it was for sale and the owner said yes. ¬†We went that evening after work to see it. The car was up on blocks and was surrounded with all sorts of parts and stuff. The car had belonged to his father who bought it in December of 1953.¬†He passed away in 1981 I¬†believe¬†he had told me, and left it to his son who had built the garage to store it in with the intension of restoring it someday.¬†Luckily for me that he¬†never¬†had time and his son had no interest in the car.¬†I laid down on my side to look under the car with a light, it didn’t take too long to see the condition of the car, I¬†stood¬†up and told him “I’ll take it.”

The last inspection sticker on the car was from January of 1975.¬†It had the right 1/4 panel backed into be a delivery truck and had been repaired and painted¬†sometime¬†in the late 60’s. The rest of the paint on the car is the original¬†lacquer. It still has the original plastic¬†seat¬†covers on it. I did have to replace the gas tank, sending unit, wheel¬†cylinders, rad hoses and tune up parts. I rebuilt the carb, and replaced the fuel pump. I put on newer 15 inch wheels and radial tires. Other¬†than¬†some¬†mechanical¬†work now and then all I do is drive her and enjoy her. I plan on installing a split¬†manifold¬†with duals and a 3 carb intake¬†and¬†maybe some aluminum covers on her in the future.

Hey Charlie when you get the duals and 3 carbs on this thing we will need to see more pics!

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