Little Big Shot

Little Big Shot by James Schupp

This custom build is an original 1960’s AMF pedal car that isn’t so original anymore. The body, steering wheel and the front wheels are all that are left. The idea of the build was my brain child and the actual fabrication came from my father, Roy. The pedals have been removed and could not be placed back because of all the fun additions to the car. I started by getting rear Go Kart racing slicks donated to me for the build. I painted the front and back rims pewter silver to give the nostalgic look from the drag strips. The front end has a straight bar axel, spring suspension along with custom rolled leaf springs. The rear end has a custom built pumpkin and ladder traction bars along with a drive shaft from front to back. There were a few original body lines that I filled to give the look of a real car. A hole was cut in the hood to allow for the 1:6 scale model of a full blown Ford 427 drag motor to come up through. Brackets were attached to the front to show off the beer can gas tank that gives fuel to this gasser. That basically concludes the end of the build and time to hit the paint shop.
I shot the body in primer then racked my brain on how I was going to do the paint scheme to make this look nostalgic and eye catching. I decided to go with an Outrageous Ecstasy Orange Flake over Hunter Orange basecoat. When you walk around the car the flakes change the color of the orange to a yellow and green. I chose to airbrush “Lil’ Big Shot” on the sides because I felt it fit the build to the tee. All the extreme details on the front and back of the car are all airbrush work and not a decal. To make this piece look the way it does I love using Presta’s Spray ‘N Shine as a quick detailer and Presta’s Fast Wax for quick protection and a fantastic finish. This custom pedal car is going to be on display at the 15th Good-Guys PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio in the pedal car competition. The build and this 4k Cameras will also going to be featured in Gasser Magazine in an upcoming issue.

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