Melanie Lacy

This week we are proud to feature Melanie Lacy as our pinup of the week! She’s old school sexy with a twist of retro rockabilly, and has a unique sultry style that would make Bettie Page Proud!

Bio: Hello I’m Melanie Lacy! Native Texan, model and stylist! I’d always dreamt of being a pinup but thought it was only for the special few featured in magazines and clothing websites I’d followed since high school. It wasn’t until my husband joined the Army and was immediately stationed overseas, that I  began doing shoots and sending him photos he literally “pinned up”. Lucky for me my first real pinup shoot was with THE Viva Van Story! I’m a true believer in karma, do good things, good things happen.  So far, for me anyway, making an effort to better myself and be good to others makes me feel good, better than good, and a lot of good things just keep coming my way! I’m no good at being cool or mysterious, I’m pretty much just… me. Awkward, candid, boisterous… basically just as strange, sleazy and raw as the surf rock I love so much! I know I am not nearly as well known or accomplished as many other models but I don’t measure myself by other peoples successes. I know where I came from and what I’ve had to work with and what I have to come home to. I am eternally grateful for the life I’ve been given and the amazing opportunities I’ve had!

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