Filmmaker Josh Clason

Josh Clason is a freelance filmmaker based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. His love for cars extends through all generations and styles of cars from hotrods to ratrods, from domestics to imports, and from classic to new. Owning over 13 cars and 4 motorcycles during the last 5 years his love for anything automotive knows no bounds. He is currently working on a 10 part web series known as “Depth of Speed” which is set to air June 16th. Filmmaking is an art that so many of us enjoy, and more info about film courses is available at online universities.  Josh is one of the very talented people of our time.

Check out his work here:

Viva Las Vegas

Josh: I had the opportunity to take a little trip down to Las Vegas and attend the Viva Las Vegas 2011 show. It was a great time and was awesome to see so many great cars and meet a lot of great people.

Wrecked Metals

Josh: Between getting married and moving, this video has taken a lot longer than I had anticipated. The wait is finally over.

I had a great opportunity to head up to Boise, Idaho and get to know Matt Whitlock and the work that he does with his shop, Wrecked Metals. This was shot over the course of 2 days and included a Canon 7D, Zoom H4N, and a shoulder rig. We shot this at the golden hour and the colors on that day were spectacular.



Episode two of Depth of Speed takes us to pinstriping shop of Andy Kawahara. Known succinctly as Andy’s Pinstriping, his craft is a true unification of art and automotive. Josh Clason speaks with Andy regarding why he loves pinstriping and how the old crowd has embraced the artform. While most will unanimously agree, the art of pinstriping much like sign painting is a dying breed due to the vinyl industry but with that comes glimmers of hope.

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