Max Grundys 50 Merc “Lonely Boy”

You know him for his awesome artwork and now your going to know him for his bad ass 50 Merc! His ride is a long awaited dream of his and worth every minute of it. This car is done right from the paint and wheels right down to the metal work.

About the Merc “Lonely Boy”

I bought this car when I was 19 years old, which means I’ve had it for 13 years, which also means I am an old man. It has taken me a lot of years and even more money, but we are finally in the home stretch. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to drive it!

History of this Vehicle

When I first got the Merc it had faint lettering on the jockey box that read “Lonely Boy” and that’s where the name came from. Fitting, because by the time I got to it it had been sitting in a field in Idaho since the early 60’s.
My brother, dad and I started chipping away at it right away, but there was only so much we could do with our limited experience. I was able to take it to Bo Huff way back when to get the body work started and after that it once again sat in my parents garage in Utah for another 5 years before I brought it out to Southern California to get it finished.
All of the finish work and body work fine tuning are being done as we speak by Aaron Valencia and his boys at Hellbound Hot Rods. I have been really happy with Aarons tenacity and hard work that has given it that mean look I was hoping for.

Plans for this Vehicle

Well, the sky is the limit, I guess. Looking forward to going on some road trips with my Wife exploring this fine country of ours. No better way to explore America than in a kool kustom.

Sponsors & Special Thanks

-Thanks to Mom and Dad for letting me stash the thing in their garage for so long. Thank goodness for parents, right? And the wife for being so supportive.
-Bobby Walden at Walden’s Speed Shop for all the great advice.
-All the guys (Allen and Gino) at Ol Skool Rods and Car Kulture Deluxe, Mike at Old Speed Hot Rods for the bitchin dash, and all of the support of hot rodders and art enthusiasts for helping to fund this project of mine

You know him for his amazing artwork! Check out his website:

The Ride

The Finished Product

Last set of pics by Alex Maldonado @ Transmission77

The Details


  • Engine: Chevy 400 small block
  • Transmission: 400 tranny
  • Suspension: 1972 GTO
  • Brakes: 72 GTO
  • Tires: GOODYEAR wide whites


  • Upholstery: N/A
  • Seats: 72 Chevy truck bench seat
  • Steering Wheel: 55 Ford Pickup
  • Steering Column: hand made


  • Body Mods: chopped top 5.5 inches, nosed, decked, and shaved everything
  • Lights: 54 ford frenched

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