Photographer Stefen Winchester

This week we have Stefen Winchester as our feature photographer/artist. Stefen has some great automotive, bike and pinup photos, all taken with great attention to detail and classic style. Take a look at some of his fine work below.

Bio: I have been fascinated with vintage cars and bike since I was a kid and for reasons I didn’t understand, I looked at things differently than most, noticing intricate details often missed by other that were looking at the very same things I was. When I was 10, I saved up enough money to by my very first camera, A Fred Flinstone Camera which took 110 film. It wasn’t until 2009 ( some 35 years later ) that I was asked to do a photoshoot for a woman that wanted pictures of herself with her vintage restored 68 Camaro. I had never photographed a car before ( or anything with wheels for that matter) so I was a bit nervous at first ( The client was expecting a seasoned auto photographer and I actually never corrected her) All of that disappeared within seconds of the first shot, when I quickly realized I could nail a magazine quality image in less than 30 seconds without even trying..everything fell into place and I knew instantly the best angle and exact moment the natural light would make for a perfect shot. Word got around quickly within 24 hours and next thing I knew, I had 38 more cars to shoot, making my one day roadtrip into a 10 day vacation..PAID! I shoot with Carl Zeiss and old School Minolta lenses, which have unparallelled color and sharpness, requiring no post edit work, save for the occasional edit I may do to add some custom Graphics or art piece for print, preferring to keep it as original as possible, as it was back in the day when these amazing cars rolled off the assembly line and into the lives of those with a life long passion for custom cars and HotRods.

Check out his pin-up photography page PussyKat Pin-Ups

Check out his regular photography page 21 East Photography

Also check out his personal facebook page which has some great photos as well.

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