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’57 Street Prowler

'57 Street Prowler

This week we have Jack Meckes ’57 Street Prowler. Subtle, clean, and just bad ass! He took some of the best body lines from some of Detroit’s best Chevy’s and combined them all into one to make one bitchin little hotrod. The simple and subtle changes Jack made really make his ’57 stand apart from […]

Charlie’s Cherry 53

Charlie's Cherry 53

This is our new category ride of the week. Send us photos of your ride and a little info or story about your ride and we will post it!
This week we have Charlie Eshenbaugh’s Sweet 53 Chevy as our ride of the week. He’s a body man car nut like me and he has […]

Rat Rod Army Jeep

Rat Rod Army Jeep

This thing is sick! This is what you call “originality” great job on this jeep! I took these photos at the Rockabilly Rod Reunion 2010 Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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