Betty Ann with Lady Luck Car Club

For our featured pin up of the month we bring you the lovely Betty Ann.  We have found you the blonde bombshell who also wrenches on her own car!  With a love for cars, vintage lifestyle and a drive to succeed she has turned her passion into so many different ventures.  Charity for our veterans, empowering women to pursue their dreams and be confident in their own skin, taps into untraveled territory of an all female car club and pin up print work.  Quite the lady!

And YES that Chevy belongs to 53D!

Betty Ann is the proud owner and mechanic of a ’49 Kaiser Traveler and the President of Lady Luck Car Club. Always passionate about cars, the vintage lifestyle, and strong/sensual women, LLCC naturally evolved from her everyday life. How she got into pin-up modeling is a different story than most. Betty was a 3rd generation worker at her family’s chemical manufacturing plant in East Oakland. 5 years ago a batch of glass cleaner was dyed incorrectly at the plant and the family was sitting on pallets of unusable product. Betty decided to bottle it in spare sprayers and take it to a Goodguys car show.  She added products to the line, designed labels and Lady Luck Car Care was created.

Due to a lack of extra money for models but knowing she wanted to have a vintage style pin-up on the label, she began doing the modeling herself.  The label and product shoots turned into a poster and calendar line. Pretty soon Betty was getting some recognition for her pin-up and selling some print work. The calendar is now a big annual project for her that raises money for her veteran charity ‘Help Our Heros’. These days the LLCC calendar and posters feature an entire troop of all natural pin-ups. Her troop’s purpose is to raise money for veterans, spread the interest of women working on hot rods, and to embrace their natural born, beautiful selves. Betty doesn’t always make friends when she says ‘Don’t buy fake tits, buy a real car’, but she feels it’s important for females to understand that beauty is not perfection, it is confidence.

These days what started as a single mom’s dream of an all-encompassing female car club, is now the largest all-female car organization in the country. Lady Luck CC has pre-’69 car club members all along the West coast, only selecting girls that own their rides and that know what’s going on under the hood (although she admits openly they are all constantly learning).  Betty is also the front woman of the rockabilly band Betty Ann & the Lonesome III, sews her wardrobe & continues the ‘never ending’ ground-up rebuild of her Kaiser. Betty definitely loves being a mom the most and insists if it wasn’t for being a single mom hitting rock bottom she probably wouldn’t have started on this crazy journey 5 years ago.

‘It’s never too late to start living a dream, the trick is to never give up. It’s the only thing in life you can actually control. When people close a door, kick it down.’ ~Betty Ann’

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Photographer Credits in this post:  Bad Bones Photography, Varga, Marilee Caruso, N/Koljian Photography & Chris Gomez

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