This week we have Scott Hawley’s 57 Black Widow as our feature ride of the week. This old race car has a great story behind it.

Here is the SHORT story of the SEDCO BLACK & WHITE/ BLACK WIDOW that my Father Fred Hawley and I own. We are in the process currently of building a 1956 Chevrolet 210 from the ground up with the famous Roy Brizio Street Rods (SSF, CA). It was back in March that we were hanging out one weekend with Roy at his shop and we started to talk about Black Widows. He said to come next store to a warehouse and look at one that a friend of mine owns. We went over and said “WOW!, this is really cool. Is this the real thing?” He said not sure which, which meant NO to my dad and me. The current owner had made everything as perfect as the day SEDCO built one. I said “Maybe you could build one for us”. He said “Sure, but it “goona cost you a lot of money. “We have to find a lot of parts, which can take time”. We stopped talking at that point and thought maybe one day we could do this project. Two days go by and it is a Monday. I get a call from Roy and he says “Are you sitting down? “ I have found you a SEDCO Black & White/Black Widow that has been documented and is the real deal. It is just up the way in Napa, CA and is for SALE.” I said “You are full of S***…”. He says, “Here’s the number, call the guy.”

Darned if he wasn’t right. It was the real deal and I was on my way Tuesday to see the 57. I was really excited see this car! Of course I could not get to Napa fast enough. When I arrived I was amazed to see the collection of cars this gentleman had. I had to go on a 1 hour tour before I could see the 57. “Let’s hurry it up” I finally said. WOW there she was on a full display with ropes around her and a history of SEDCO on a video screen going- not kidding either. This gentleman had spent 40k on a display that tells the whole history of SEDCO, NASCAR, and DRAG RACING. We did some negotiating and the next day we had her brought to my warehouse. Included in the purchase was the full display to go with the 57.

I would like to eventually take the SEDCO on tour across the U.S. to various NASCAR tracks. I want everyone to see and enjoy her as much as I do.

The car came out of Lubbock, TX several years back (1982) when Bill Clement and Bob Crowder found it in a flattened barn. They had known about the 57 since 1974, but had never taken the time to go search and find. They restored it back to its original drag racing days when it ran in the early 60’s.

Before being a drag racer, it was a NASCAR test mule and ran 300 separate tests to sort out the fuel injection. The famous Smokey Yunick drove most of those times. There were only two test mules ever made.

The 57 has two SEDCO tags. One on the Firewall and one on the frame. It still has many of the original SEDCO modifications.

Spec sheet as issued by Ed Cole & Vince Piggins of Chevrolet. 1957 Black & White, as issued from St. Louis assembly plant, built March 1, 1957, one of two cars assembled as test mules for fuel injection. Model 1512 “150” series business coupe RPO 578B283 H.P. Fuel injected 283 V8 3-Speed manual transmission
3.55:1 open differential No radio or heater or No rear seat. Shipped with seamless frame and front bumper Maximum sustained speed (indicated) 117 MPH

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