Marnel Christine

This week we bring you a drop of sunshine straight from Cali, Marnel Christine.  Marnel has a passion for the classic lifestyle that Pin-Up embraces.  A girl next door appeal with big dreams and an artistic flare that motivates her work. With luscious lips and bright blue eyes how could you not enjoy the post and bio of Marnel Christine.

I was born in Orange, CA, back when lollipop shaped orange trees still lined the mall driveway. My passion for vintage fashions and lifestyle were born in the house I grew up in- The avocado and gold kitchen where my grandma taught me how to cook and clean up, the shag- carpeted den where I sat next to her as she tutored me in sewing, and the cabinet TV that showed re-runs of Lawrence Welk and I Love Lucy. I was inspired by my grandma’s stories of her life that she would tell me in between syndicated episodes and lessons on “how to be a lady”. Her homemaking talents were just as captivating as her Rakish style; evidence of which hung in her glorious closet: pointy busted gowns and circle skirts which she would often let me play Dress Up in or wear to the school dance!

I have always been an artist, with roots in my retro upbringing.  I refined my skills at the University of Central Oklahoma where I studied Fine Arts and graduated Outstanding Senior of the Year, the first in my immediate family to graduate.  Bouts of homesickness during my studies led me to look towards Pin Up and Glamour Art for my muse; I came across the works of Edward Runci, and immediately fell in love with his painted ladies, which I was drawn to for their strong curves and uncanny familiarity. I identified with them and found contentment with my own blossoming figure. I began painting similar features in my own works which led to critiques that pointed out “Is that a self portrait?”

Fast forward to a few years later, I learned that the gal in Runci’s paintings is my great Aunt Maxine Sunderman, (on my Father’s side) Edward Runci’s Wife and favorite model. She is an acclaimed artist too! When I compare our brushstrokes there is a similarity there, though I never painted with her, and it makes me content. I love to emulate the style and grace that she embodies in the portraits of her- in both my paintings and real life.

I thrive on continuing a lifestyle that pays tribute to my family’s roots and the great history of America. I started Pin Up modeling as a hobby, mostly because I still love to sew, and never grew out of playing dress up. My first shoots were to be reference photos for new paintings, but it took off from there!  I am relatively new to Pin Up modeling, and most of my work tends to be on the wholesome side, with a more nostalgic feel.  I’ve been very lucky to work with photographer and Editor, Tom Gomez and appear in Ol’ Skool Rodz, May 2010, with other features in Ol’ Skool Rodz and Street Trucks Magazine to look out for very soon! I occasionally enter a Pin up Pageant or two, and I attend many of the local car shows, but you are most likely to find me in the kitchen preparing meatloaf and mashed potatoes (from scratch!) or behind my sewing machine, whirring away at a new sunsuit for my clothing and accessory line, Queen *395*. I look at Pin Up today as both a lifestyle and a performance art, using it as an opportunity to cultivate interest in history and appreciation for a simpler time, and inspire other gals to be genuine, graceful and glamorous!

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