Lisa Luxe AKA “The Pocket Pin-Up”

Jenna Kraczek Photography

This week we bring you the red hot Lisa Luxe. Lisa is a Las Vegas local and had a great lineup of pinup photos for us to choose from. She had so many great photos to choose from we had a hard time picking her best ones because they were all so great!

Bio: Hey! My name is Lisa AKA The Pocket Pin-Up due to my short stature of a mere 5’1″ and my ability (and propensity) to fit myself into tight spaces such as overhead compartments on airplanes! I began modeling in 2008 and so far, I have loved every second of my journey and I have met some truly amazing people along the way. I am a big fan of humility I feel it is the sign of a truly successful person. I am a bit neurotic when it comes to punctuality (I usually run about 30 minutes early) and organization (I absolutely loathe clutter). I’m a sucker for tattoos, my husband/soul-mate Travis, English bulldogs, fashion presented by , and pumkin pie. It’s also important for you to know I like to live a little dangerously: I drink milk past the expiration date, I’m not afraid to eat something that has fallen on the floor and jaywalking might as well be my middle name! When it comes to modeling I am always open to opportunity and I am willing to travel (with negotiable compensation). You can find me at most major and many minor carshows, tattoo conventions, and custom events around Vegas and Southern California. I always try to return messages and emails so feel free to contact away! And if you see me at an event please come say hi! I promise I don’t bite (hard) and I love meeting new friends! I hope you have as much fun looking at my photos as I did making them!

Find her here:

Jenna Kraczek Photography

Parris Blue Productions


Chris Donohue

Jenna Kraczek Photography

Shawn Kinney Photography

Albertine Young

Jason Holmes Photography

Don Chartier/DC Imagery

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