Pinstriper Kiera Brady

True Talent.

This week we have Kiera Brady as our feature Artist. To be 17 again is what I thought when I first saw her work. As an artist/designer myself its awesome to see such talent and direction at a young age. This is true talent! Her lettering work is very innocent and she has acquired her own unique style that I think we will see for years to come. It will only get better keep it up girl! Kiera shares the same vision as us; bringing art and cars together and we hope you enjoy her work. People who love art and design like Kiera may enjoy art courses via accredited
online colleges
. It takes natural creativity and learned skills to become talented like Kiera.

Bio: Hey, I’m Kiera I’m 17, I’ve been pinstriping for about three years now, but I only recently got serious about it. I’m self taught, but there is a lot of people I’d have to thank for helping me along the way. My work is a little rough, I know, but I’m getting better. Born and rasied in so cal, I’ve been going to the drags and car shows my whole life, so I finally decided to mix my love for art and cars and try my hand at ‘striping.

Find her at:

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