Kamp’s 31 Model A

I found Nate on Hubgarage.com I saw his 31 and thought this is what I’m looking for. Old school hot rod is the best way I can describe his 31. These cars have a soft spot in my heart and his is done right.

This 1931 Ford Model A coupe was built by Nate Kamp, who tried to keep everything mid-60’s era correct… and pretty much everything (except the 5 speed) was available in the mid 60’s.  He’s running a 289 Ford – fully rebuilt with lots of goodies such as forged pistons, Schneider roller cam, Keystone valve covers, a Ronco Magneto, and a Man-A-Fre intake w/ 4 Rochester 2Jets on top of polished 2” spacers from Dashman. Owner built headers with Obrien Trucker caps dump into custom RLS Racing 2” exhaust with glass-packs.  Nate also built the custom frame featuring a suicide front with a spring over setup and a 4” drop axle, Lincoln brakes from Riley Automotive and Buick Drums.  In the rear you can spot a Winter’s quick-change with a locking differential splined to 9” Ford axles and brakes, located by a Quarter elliptic rear suspension using cut down ’57 Chevy wagon leaf springs.  The front wheels are 15×5.5 with 5.60 Firestones from Coker, and custom Rally America 15×7 reversed wheels with Hurst cheater slicks in the rear.

The body is the next project on the list.  This car came as a shell with no decklid or rear panel, very rough doors, and the wood, interior trim, dash, etc.. was long gone.  The once forgotten car was put back together to where it is now, but it still needs some bodywork and paint.  Inside you’ll find a ’55 Mercury dash, chrome window garnish, a vintage Hurst shift handle and spider shift knob my wife bought for my birthday, ’65 Mustang steering column and box topped with a vintage red ‘flake wheel, the rear seat from the same ‘65 Mustang fastback, and Vintage 10K Moroso mechanical tach.  Nate’s plans include installing a full interior upholstered in a 60’s style maroon and white.

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