Ms. Lady Luck

Ms Lady Luck, the red headed, brown-eyed Latina from Orange County, California has been in front of the camera just shy of three and a half years. At just 19 she exploded her way into the modeling industry. Now at the age of 21, she is taking over the show…working the catwalk in fashion shows, being a spokes-model for Dollface Designs, hosting events and contests, MC for concerts and shows, interviewing for magazines and websites, and much more!  Ms lady luck is a well developed “chameleon” model.  While she is well known for her specialty, pin-up modeling, she is also a modern fashion model capturing any look or
feel desired.
Being in a creative family brought the creativity to her work and in her modeling. Ms Lady Luck says “Creativity is key to individuality and how your make you mark in the modeling world. Showing the world something new and beautiful will make them remember you.” Ms Lady Luck is not afraid to climb mountain biking hills in heels or balancing on one foot on roller-stakes while bending backward to get the one perfect shot that will make the papers. This unafraid characteristic comes from her love for both sports and extreme sports. Playing softball, paintball, going mountain bike riding, dirt bike riding and many more other activities always gave her photographers bruises to edit out of pictures. This outgoing woman is a down to earth model, that loves to have a good time on shoot. “Your photos will come out that much better when having fun, it always shows in the photos”, says Ms Lady Luck.

“The most fun and humbling thing for me as a model, is getting a tap on the shoulder at a sports bar, club, Disneyland or Barnes & Noble and getting asked, “Your Ms Lady Luck, right?”. I never really saw myself as a”well-known” model, well enough to get recognized on the street. “I am  just an Orange County Girl”, as Gwen Stefani would say. (Which is  Ms Lady Luck favorite female singer). Being published in magazines, having televised appearances and attending local events she has earned her title of being a model.  Having so much success, she still desires more. “I still have some things I hope to accomplish, like making the cover of a top fashion magazine and going to fashion week and walking the catwalk. Well all in due time”.

Ms Lady Luck just took that next step and has her own clothing line with Dollface Design (, called Ms Lady Luck Collection. “I always had custom outfits made for shoots and events and with tons on women  loving them and asking, Where did you get that adorable outfit?, the Ms Lady Luck Collection developed.” With Dollface Design, Ms Lady Luck is bring women pinup fashion and sass that can be worn to every bombshell’s occasion.
The Ms Lady Luck Collection can be found at
Throw away your lucky penny, because Ms Lady Luck has come into town

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