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Little Big Shot

Little Big Shot

Little Big Shot by James Schupp

This custom build is an original 1960’s AMF pedal car that isn’t so original anymore. The body, steering wheel and the front wheels are all that are left. The idea of the build was my brain child and the actual fabrication came from my father, Roy. The pedals have been […]

’57 Street Prowler

'57 Street Prowler

This week we have Jack Meckes ’57 Street Prowler. Subtle, clean, and just bad ass! He took some of the best body lines from some of Detroit’s best Chevy’s and combined them all into one to make one bitchin little hotrod. The simple and subtle changes Jack made really make his ’57 stand apart from […]

Dean Evenson’s ’58 Buick

Dean Evenson's '58 Buick

This week we have Dean Evenson’s ’58 Buick as our feature ride. After buying a shirt from us and supporting us all the way over in New Zealand featuring his gorgeous ride is the least we could do….little did we know he had one of our favorite year Buick’s.
The Story on the ’58: I had […]

Matt Williams ’61 GMC

Matt Williams '61 GMC

This week we have Matt Williams 1961 GMC truck as our feature ride. One of my favorite years, the truck has a great stance and looks like a fun driver.
Story on the truck: Left on a Friday night in August on a road trip from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to Garden City, Kansas  that a Garmin said would […]

Ricky D’s ’53 CUTITUP

Ricky D's '53 CUTITUP

This week we have Ricky D’s ’53 Chevy called CUTITUP as our featured ride of the week. The first time I saw this car was in a Theory Of A Deadman Music Video. The Grille and rear window really set it apart from a lot of the other ’53 chops I have seen. We love […]

“Tax Refund” The ’46 Ford Tudor Sedan

"Tax Refund" The '46 Ford Tudor Sedan

“Garage Built”
This week we have Mike’s ’46 Ford as our feature ride! The car has a great story and looks like a fun ride. These are the cars we love Homebuilt Hotrods!
The Story:
The car was built on a shoestring with little or know prior knowledge or schooling of how to build a car from the […]

Radical 51 Merc

Radical 51 Merc

This week we have a  Radical 51 Merc from James Tymkowicz as our Feature Ride.
Stats: 51 Merc sitting on a 77 olds frame chop top 7″ in front 9″ in back, center post removed, tilt hood, Caddy 59 taillights, frenched 53 buick quad angle headlights, 55 Desoto grille, suicide electric doors, custom scallop side pipes, […]

Triumph GT6

Triumph GT6

This week we have Louis Boudreault’s ’68 Triumph GT6 as our feature ride of the week. It’s not your average hot rod and that’s why we like it.
My Triumph GT6 isn’t what one would call a traditional Hot Rod, but it might have been the equivalent of a Mustang fastback to some of our friends […]



This week we have Scott Hawley’s 57 Black Widow as our feature ride of the week. This old race car has a great story behind it.
Here is the SHORT story of the SEDCO BLACK & WHITE/ BLACK WIDOW that my Father Fred Hawley and I own. We are in the process currently of building a […]

Cristian Sosa’s 53

Cristian Sosa's 53

American Graffiti
This week we have my buddy Cristian’s 53 Chevy as out feature ride. The car has come a long way since the picture to the left.
He got the car about 3 years back and has been working on it ever since. Its the one he has wanted since he was a kid. The 53 […]

55′ Gasser

55′ Gasser

As the GNRS 2011 show winded down and the sun had set, we made a wise decision to hit one last corner only to find 3 last lonely cars.  It was a lucky turn when we bumped into Chip Foose and got even better when we stumbled across a true original Gasser and its owner […]

Max Grundys 50 Merc “Lonely Boy”

Max Grundys 50 Merc "Lonely Boy"

You know him for his awesome artwork and now your going to know him for his bad ass 50 Merc! His ride is a long awaited dream of his and worth every minute of it. This car is done right from the paint and wheels right down to the metal work.
About the Merc “Lonely Boy”

I […]

Mad Bomberz ’53 Belair

Mad Bomberz '53 Belair

This week we have another awesome ’53 Chevy from the Mad Bomberz. We love the flaked roof, supremes & pinstriping! Great ride Jimmy!
Bio: My name is Jimmy. I am Co-President of the Mad Bomberz Car Club along with my brother P.J. My car is a 1953 Chevy Belair 2 door Hard top. It has […]

Mad Bomberz ’53 Pickup

Mad Bomberz '53 Pickup

This week we have Paul Baray Jr’s ’53 truck as our ride of the week.
A little about Paul and his truck: Well My name is Paul Baray Jr, I was born and raised in Santa MARIA , CA. I’m 29 years old car enthusiasts. I have my ’53 Chevy pick up 3/4 ton Long […]

The Deuce AKA Widow Maker

The Deuce AKA Widow Maker

Our ride of the week is owned by Ron Hickman from Orange County, NY.  The coolest thing about this car is he drives it across the nation, from state to state, car show to cruise night.  This is no trailer queen and that is what these cars are are meant for…to be driven.
Here we go…….The […]

Kamp’s 31 Model A

Kamp's 31 Model A

I found Nate on Hubgarage.com I saw his 31 and thought this is what I’m looking for. Old school hot rod is the best way I can describe his 31. These cars have a soft spot in my heart and his is done right.
This 1931 Ford Model A coupe was built by Nate Kamp, who […]

53 Chevy (The Hulk)

 53 Chevy (The Hulk)

Our ride of the week is owned by Jason Smith who lives in Lewisville Indiana. The 53 came out of Nebraska where it set in a barn for the last 33 years. It’s got the original paint and there was still a lot of the original paper work in the glove box (sales slip, owner’s […]

28′ Model A Rat Rod

28' Model A Rat Rod

This is what happens when bike guys build a rat rod! Monte Frank & Steve Petty of Oklahoma City, OK built this bad little 28′ Model A with a 302 ford small block, 351 cam, double holley 450’s ,gtp 40 heads and roller rockers.  Monte also sent pics of his bike ( el privateer ) […]

Charlie’s Cherry 53

Charlie's Cherry 53

This is our new category ride of the week. Send us photos of your ride and a little info or story about your ride and we will post it!
This week we have Charlie Eshenbaugh’s Sweet 53 Chevy as our ride of the week. He’s a body man car nut like me and he has […]

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