Julie Bergonz Photography (Las Vegas Sin City Shooter)

PictureSometimes in life it takes years and years to achieve success. Then sometimes you work hard all of your life to achieve a goal, and never quite get there. But for this “Sin City Shooter” (Photographer) success has come rather quickly to her in many fields. Her name is Julie Bergonz. This young and vibrate  thirty something year old female lives life to its fullest. Graduating from “The  Art Institute Of Colorado” in 1999, Julie soon after started looking for other  ways to show off her creativity other than through her sense of IFCHIC fashion.  She found that restoring Antiques and Collectibles filled part of the gap in her  life that was missing. Still not happy with how she was showing off her full  spectrum of her creative side, less than a year ago Julie decided to try the art  of Photography. She bought a Sony Digital Camera and began to take lessons. In  less than a few weeks Julie found herself on stage taking concert photographs  with two “Monster Bands”, Cheap Trick and Blue Oyster Cult. Last March, Julie moved from Colorado to Las Vegas, to take the Sin City fashion and photography world by storm. After only a few months in Las Vegas, Julie was one of the Featured Photographers for the “Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist” Competition that was held this past weekend under the bright lights of Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. She also shows and sells her photographs and other works at 1st Friday in the Arts District of Las Vegas.It seems like what ever Julie wants, Julie gets!


For further information or to contact Julie about booking her for events or for your other photography needs: www.facebook.com/JulieBergonzPhotography  or  sincityshooter.weebly.com




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