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Where is the best place for a new photographer to find beautiful women that like their pictures taken? My answer to this question led me to strip club.  While on R and R from Afghanistan with ones in my pocket and pin ups in my head away I went.  My name is Nate Ritcheson born in Indiana in 1986.  I’m in the US Army and I started Twisted Photography 3 years ago.  My trip to the strip club was just what I needed I met a nice young lady that was starting a pin up oriented clothing line and she was looking for a photographer to take some pictures of her stuff.  After this shoot it’s been a lot more work than I expected but it’s been a fun ride.  I’ve always been into racing and car shows. Growing up around fast cars and old time racers it’s just became a part of me.  After running across some prints from David Perry I instantly knew what direction I wanted to go.  I started a Model Mayhem account and recently got my website up and running.  I like to stick to mainly the pin up and hot rod scene but will veer away from it to shoot anything different and out there such as zombies and gore.  I have had lots of help along the way, being self taught in photography I take all advice I can get.  Thanks for the help and remember “Beauty is Twisted”

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