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This week we have Terry Mendoza as our featured photographer.  His work is noticeably his and it has a great old school airbrushed pinup look that we love.   Terry has been into photography for many years, but it was only a few years ago when the quality of digital camera improved that he was managed to combine his love of forties and fifties airbrushed artwork with his interest in photo retouching.   Many of his images are an affectionate homage to the greats of that era, particularly Elvgren, George Petty and Vargas.

After the shoot each image takes up to two hours to work to produce a finished result.   His studio, just outside London in England, is an Aladdin’s cave of retro and vintage props.

Having started to create the images for his own enjoyment, the studio is now in demand from lingerie, clothing and latex companies, and he has also worked with a large number of burlesque artists and troupes.

His work can be found  at

He is also on Facebook as Retro Photostudio both as a profile and as a group – feel free to join the group page (the friend page has reached the limit to add people).

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