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Keesha Langdon

Bio: 10 years ago I went to get sexy pinup photos taken for my husband and met my first female photographer. I fell in love with her studio and the process of turning a regular women like me into a glamorous model for the day. I came home and told my husband ” I WANT THAT JOB!”

Fast forward a few years later and here I am making my dream, a reality.

I have always been fascinated with Hollywood starlets and icons like Marilyn and Bettie Page..but my true love of pinup came later for me when I discovered the works of artist Gil Elvgren, Harry Ekman and Alberto Vargas..I fell head over heels in love! It became my mission to learn photography so that I could recreate the look and style of the classic art that I love. I am mostly self taught in pinup photography and with the love and support of my husband I started my business out of my home 2 years ago, working with 2 of my best friends who happen to be stylists. We styled sets, created wardrobe and gave pinup makeovers. We did photo shoots of pinup models, friends or any lovely lady that would allow us to transform her and to photograph her. We have had so much fun learning and creating and coming up with new ideas. We have met some of the most amazing women!

It has only been 2 years and I now have my own professional photography studio doing what I dreamed of so long ago. I have been published 4 times and featured on various pinup websites.

About 80% of my clients are everyday women from college girls to housewives. I love pampering them and making them feel glamorous for the day. They leave feeling more beautiful, sexy & confident.

I love my job, it makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Girlie Show Photography
Glamour & Pin up Photography
Huntington Beach, Ca. 92649

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